Nelson Wrap Dispenser™

When Ordering the correct dispenser, please note information below:

NWD-1020 ...... Fits the Standard 3" Core Stretch Wrap/Film  NWD-1 Pole Dispenser.
NWD-2 ........... Fits the 2" Core Wrap or Film (Mostly International Orders)
NWD-3 ........... Fits the Winwrap Stretch Film

Select one of the Nelson Dispensers below for more pricing and Information:

Stock # NWD-1020 (NWD-1)
For 3" ID Core Size Stretch Film
$ 141.57 for 1 Nelson Dispenser
Used in U.S.A.
Purchase NELSON Dispenser
Stock # NWD-2
For 2" ID Core Size Stretch Film
$ 149.44 for 1 Nelson Dispenser
International Use
Purchase NELSON NWD2 Dispenser
Stock #NWD-3
Fits the Winwrap® Stretch Film Only
$ 148.83 for 1 Nelson Dispenser
Purchase NELSON NWD2 Dispenser

Key Features

  • Accommodates Various Shaped Pallets
  • Tighter Wrap Reduces Freight Claims
  • Lightweight, Aluminum, Hand-Held Dispenser
  • Modular Design Allows For Quick Cylinder Exchange
  • Keeps the Laborer In a Natural Position to Reduce Back And Work Related Injuries
  • Brake System Ensures a Tighter Wrap and Less Film Wasted
  • Comfortable to Hold and Operate on Any Sized Load
  • Tension Control For Preferred Stretch
  • Self Oiling UHMPW Material Provides Smooth Consistent Action
  • Ships via UPS

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  • Length: 59"
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • Handles 11" - 20" Rolls of Film

nelson wrap dispenser

nelson wrap dispenser

Ask about the New! Dispenser Holder for Nelson Dispensers.

Helps save the life of the dispenser by storing properly and promotes good workstation safety.

Convenient clip design is a fast and efficient way to eliminate tripping hazards and keep your workstation safe.

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