Plastic Drum Liners | Drum Covers

5, 30, 43, 55 Gallon Drum Covers with elastic band at top

Protect dust and other debris while storing or moving containers.

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Clear Drum Covers or Drum Caps with Elastic Band For Securing to Top Of Drums. Clear Elastic Polyethylene Drum Covers. These Drum Covers are 4 mils thick and has a 1/2" elastic band for securing the cover on the drum to keep out dust, dirt, water and other debris.

Drum Liners
Drum and Container Liners. Clear Bag Liners used inside Round, Square and Rectangular Plastic or metal drums for holding items such as seed, feed, sand, trash, and many other items.

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Drum Top Cap Sheet
Sizes 30"x30", 34"x34" and 60"x68"
Individual sheets that lay across the top of drum to keep out dust and other debris.

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Drum Dust Caps - Elastic Band Covers For Gallon Size Drums
Custom Made for 5,30, 43 and 55 gallon plastic and metal drums.
Covers are made of clear plastic which has an elastic ban around the top to keep the covers from coming off. This is an excellent product for covering open drum containers and protecting your product
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