Gaylord Bin Liners
Large bags for corrugated boxes, metal bins, and fiberglass containers.

Fits inside containers and lines bottom and sides to protect and hold your products for storing, shipping or for what ever application there may arrise . Large inventory available for immediate shipment.

Bags are on a roll and perforated for easy tear off and are available in various mil thickness.

2 Mil Gaylord Liners
4 Mil Gaylord Liners

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All products are FDA & USDA approved.

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Bag Size, Stock Number. or Description!
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How Liners are measured

 Width   x  Depth   x  Length
 Example:     Bag Size -   51" x 49" x 102"
 51"   = Width of bag
 49"   = Depth (From front to Back)
 102" = Length of bag (Or Height)
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