64 Gallon Liners

These bags will fit 60,64,65 and 70 Gallon roll carts and containers as shown in the image.

64 gallon bags are extra tough bags tapered to line the inside of the waste and refuse trash containers leaving about 10 to 14" overhang over the top where the lid closes. These large bags can also be used for local festivals, at fairgrounds, picnics, church gatherings, rodeo arenas, hospitals, parking lots, state parks, paties, amusement parks, special events, recycling centers, airports, large and small business, campgrounds, leaf collection, lawn clippings, covering outdoor furniture, storing large items such as trees and other large items.

Made in U.S.A.

Medium Duty Bags
60,64,65,70 Gallon Size Bags

For light weight articles such as aluminum cans, paper, normal house hold trash, etc.
100 Bags per Case
Medium Duty 60,65,70 Gallon Bags

Heavy Duty Bags
60,64,65,70 Gallon Size Bags

For Heavier Than Normal household garbage, paper, refuse trash pickup.
100 Bags per Case
Heavy Duty 60,65,70 Gallon Bags

Extra Heavy Duty
60,64,65,70 Gallon Size Bags

For the heavier items such as materials from construction sites, lumber, metal, paper, heavy refuse trash pickup.
50 Bags per Case
Extra Heavy Duty 60,65,70 Gallon Bags

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